Thursday, June 08, 2006



I have come to the understanding that all of life is prayer. Every action, thought, feeling, and experience. I was watching a group of Chickadees today and felt that mysterious peace and connection that one can experience at times. I felt a need to share that with all my active and inactive blogger friends. Question (besides that implied one of is life prayer?) are we called to love ourselves and others as God has loved us? This came to me in a recent prayer. I had some understanding of this as an idea in the past, but now I have an experience of it in prayer and the call is rather has impacted my dream life and how I view myself and others. I believe that God is answering my questions about many things. Probably has been answering the questions for a while and I have been working on having ears to hear and eyes to see.


Saturday, May 20, 2006


First week complete

Wow, prayer is an intense course. I believe that the class is no longer that, rather it is an intentional community. We have witnessed people healing in their relationships with God people in their lives. It is completely awesome and emotionally taxing.

I find that I am attempting to balance between holding a sacred space, introspecting on my thoughts and feelings that occur when others in my community are speaking, and not having good timing for when to speak in my community. What I end up doing is not speaking until the peoples' energies lower and I can make some measure of the void and speak for a moment. I also find myself apologizing for talking. I am apologizing for offering my experience. I do not want to stop people from having their own experiences and struggles. I do not want to rescue or get in the way of their own thing with God. Sometimes I believe that I have some minute part of the truth and am very hesitant to offer this bit. The hesitancy is that even if it is true that I have truly experienced some minute part of the truth, who is to say that my putting words to that experience even represents that experience anymore. Language through one's psychological filters and all. I suppose this is why dreams are so important because there is less of one's personal psychology (ego) in action and more of unmitigated communication from God.


Tuesday, May 16, 2006


God's Forgotten Language

So how about it, does God indeed talk with us through dreams? John A. Sanford wrote a book titled "God's Forgotten Language", which he proposed that we have lost a major way of receiving God's messages for ourselves and community. I personally have experienced God in dreams and have heard other people's dreams that seemed to me as God speaking to them in very powerful and meaningful ways. My experience is that God dreams are vivid and lucid. I experience them as real as if not more real than the lives we live while awake.

I began prayer class yesterday. The professor stated that she does not like people to think that spirituality courses are "Mickey Mouse Courses." I believe that she has succeeded. We will be doing nine papers, daily journaling throughout the class, meeting with a spiritual friends throughout the class, performing experiential exercises throughout the course, and reading six books and multiple journals. Adriana and I have decided to title our final papers "Mickey Mouse to Godzilla: Theological Reflections on Prayer." Note the colon, which is needed for any paper to be taken seriously.

Well I must sign off and read more journals and books. One paper down and eight more to go.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Hello Everyone

I have nothing to write at this time. I will work on a posting in the future. Right now I am dealing with the shock of having a blog, something I did not even know existed just a few weeks ago. So I will be writing soon, perhaps something about God and dreams or George Bush as the guy that will get us into another world war if it is the last thing the human race does on this planet. Stewardship is something that George has near and dear to his heart. Love of neighbor and enemy is something that appears to be missing from his conversion experience.

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